Frozen fruits and veggies get a bad rep when it comes to nutrition. People often think they aren’t as healthy as fresh produce. But, we’re here to shatter that belief!

By the time you’ve tried blend my day, we promise that you’ll love frozen foods just as much as we do. Why?

Well, for starters frozen fruits & vegs are harvested and frozen at peak ripeness. Because of this, they hold onto all of those wonderful vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals, but also retain their texture and tastes. 

On the flip side, most fresh fruits sold in shops are picked unripe and ripen during transit and storage, sometimes for weeks. Between transit time to the farm to the distributor to the market, time spent on grocery store shelves, and then time spent sitting in your fridge – come on, we’re all guilty of waiting until the last minute to eat our fruits and veg – produce is exposed to air and light, which causes chemical changes in its composition and loss of nutrients and antioxydant.

Consider this:

✔️Frozen blueberries have 2x more vitamin C than fresh blueberries picked three days after harvest
✔️Frozen spinach has 25% more Vitamin E than fresh spinach picked three days after harvest
✔️Frozen cauliflowers have 50% more antioxidants than fresh cauliflower picked three days after harvest

Pretty impressive, right? 

But there are many other reasons why we work with frozen ingredients:

✔️It allows us to offer your favourite recipes all year round, even if the fruits or vegetables are no longer in season (strawberries in winter anyone?).
✔️ It creates the perfect, creamy texture and ideal iced-cold temperature for our smoothies - no ice cubes needed! 
✔️It dramatically reduces food waste. Did you know almost half of the fresh fruit and vegetables goes to waste. This happens during processing, supermarket spoilage, and poor household food management. There is very little waste with frozen fruits & vegs.
✔️It’s more eco-friendly as well! A fresh 16oz punnet of strawberries uses 31 grams of #1 PETE in their plastic clamshell while 16 oz of frozen bagged strawberries in a resealable sturdy bag uses 12 grams of plastic.
✔️It allows us to offer our products at the most affordable price as frozen are usually 1/2 to 1/3 of the price of fresh.
✔️It gives you the freedom to consume our smoothies at your own pace - they all have shelf lives of up to 12 months.

The benefits of fresh fruit are obvious. It tastes delicious! But there are so many benefits to frozen fruit as well. It’s convenient, often more nutritious, lasts longer, and costs less.