We’re self-confessed health geeks, so when we created blend my day we knew that this had to be the focus of our brand. Since day one, we’ve worked with the best nutritionists around to bring you the most balanced, health-loving breakfasts and snacks on the market.

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The healthy smoothie

Did you know that most shop-bought smoothies and juices aren’t all that good for you? Too often, they contain heaps of sugar - and they’re nearly always lacking when it comes to the fibre department, too. If you ask us, some of the most popular drinks on the market are actually sugary soft drinks in disguise... 

But, we know you want more from your breakfast (and so you should!), which is where blend my day comes in. We're proud to say that our smoothies are different, the very best of the bunch.

Each of our superfood ready-to-blend smoothie is packed with: 
✔️dietary fibre (from a mix of seeds, fruits, oats, coconut, cocoa...)
✔️high-quality plant protein (think nuts & seeds)
✔️healthy fats (from avocado, coconut oil or nuts).

In other words, all the goodness in one handy cup!

From fighting fatigue to clearing brain fog, each of our smoothies comes with their own superhero status. Yet, every single one has a low GI (glycemic index), with all that amazing fibre, protein and fats slowing down the absorption of sugars into your bloodstream.

Whichever blend you pick, your body will thank you for it.

The healthy porridge bowl

Porridge is always healthy right? Well not necessarily. It's certainly better than most of the sugar-loaded and over-processed cereals but it depends how it's prepared.

 A sachet of micro-waved golden syrup instant porridge or even over-cooked rolled oats with added sugar / syrup will have a high Glycaemix index and will not be super healthy...

So how can you make a healthy, balanced porridge?

✔️ use the least processed type of oats as they have a lower Glycaemix index). From the more to the least processed you have instant/porridge oats, old-fashioned/rolled oats and steel-cut / pinhead / groats. Our porridge blend is a mix of instant, rolled and groats for the perfect balance of texture and nutrition.

✔️ don't overcook your oats and ideally don't cook them at all. The more you cook them the higher the Glycaemix index. As you guessed, overnight oats (which are soaked in cold water or milk) is the best method as it's like cooking the oats without the damaging effects of heat. That's why we designed our oat bowls to be prepared this way and preserve the naturally low GI of oats. 

✔️ go easy on the added sugar and choose wisely: oats are naturally sweet and don't necessarily need to be sweetened. If you sweeten, pick the least refined sources. We only use whole fruits (banana, berries) and a little bit of date paste . 

✔️ balance it with extra protein, fibre and healthy fats: they will all slow down the blood sugar rush and bring  the Glycaemix index down. That's why we added nuts, seeds and superfoods. 

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