Our Story

“Our mission is to help as many of you enjoy the benefits of a whole food, nutrient-dense and balanced diet on a daily basis without any guilt or sacrifices".

Alex, Founder

The trigger 

It’s 2010: Alex sells his first startup and realises he sacrificed his health with poor nutrition and lack of exercise. He then decides to do something about it and sets himself the challenge of running his first marathon. While preparing for it, he realises the impact of nutrition on sports performance and, more generally, on health.

2:57 at New York Marathon 

After losing 10 kilos, he runs the Paris marathon in 3:15 and then the New York one in less than 3 hours. Since then, he has adopted a “healthy” lifestyle based on whole and nutrient-dense foods on one hand and regular exercise (crossfit, running, cycling..) on the other. When he turns 40+, he is fitter than ever and finds that others around him needs help too.

From London to Paris

During his 5 years in London, Alex became obsessed with “healthy” breakfasts and snacks,  especially smoothies and porridges. When he got back to France in 2017, he was very frustrated by the lack of healthy options available on the market. He decided to do something about it and started to develop breakfast smoothie recipes in his kitchen.

The quest for the perfect smoothies

Since he never does things by halves, Alexandre sets himself dozens criteria (nutrition, taste, texture, colour). In his quest for the perfect smoothies, he tested no less than 300 recipes without ever compromising on his standards. The result: a first range of 12 ready-to-blend smoothies, perfectly balanced and boosted with superfoods for targeted benefits (vitality, detox, immunity, anti-fatigue, etc.). Blend my day was born.

The Team

Alex, Founder

20%  smoothie geek
30% fitness addict
40% serial entrepreuneur

Eve, Nutritionist 

50% nutritionist
25% columnist
25% cook

About Blend my day

Blend my day offers you a daily boost of nutrient-dense whole foods, delivered directly to your door. Our range of healthy breakfast include ready-to-blend frozen superfood smoothies and "ready-to-soak" overnight oat bowls. Each of our blends brings you a targeted boost depending on your needs : DETOX, VITALITY, DIGESTION, IMMUNITY, BEAUTIFYING, ANTIOXIDANT, NO STRESS, ANTI-FATIGUE and BRAIN FOCUS. We want to set a new standard in «clean-eating».

Order. Blend. Enjoy.