Have you already fallen for our delicious breakfast bowls, or are you about to? Here are our top tips to prepare them for maximum pleasure and health benefits.

What's in our oat bowl?

It's not a small breakfast revolution. We’ve launched the very first “all-in-one” oat bowls with:

  • a porridge blend of
  • 4 whole ancient grains (gluten-free oats, buckwheat flakes, buckwheat groats, millet, flaxes, puffed amaranth)
  • seeds (chia, flax, hemp)
  • superfoods boosters (acai, pitaya, camu camu, cocoa ...)
  • a pinch of pink himalaya salt
  • 2 “creamy” layers (nut butters, coconut cream, homemade berry chia jam)
  • 40-50g of whole fruits (blueberries, blackberries, strawberries, bananas ..)
  • separate crunchy toppings (nuts, seeds, dried fruits, coconut, chocolate chips ...) to add at the last moment.

You don't have to add anything more to have a complete, balanced and nutrient-dense breakfast.

How to best prepare them?

Our oat bowls have been specifically designed to be prepared as overnight oats.

Here are 3 reasons you should embrace overnight oats :

  • It is healthier: as oats are not cooked they preserve all their vitamins and minerals and their naturally low glycemic index*. Soaking also “activates” grains which makes their nutrients easier for your body to use (by removing the phytic acid).
  • It's more delicious: soaking oats for several hours will make them extra creamy and it leaves plenty of time for all ingredients to completely thaw. 
  • It's more practical: once soaked the night before, your breakfast is ready to eat in the morning (or even to take to the office). Say goodbye to morning rush!

We know not everyone craves cold oats but feel free to let them sit at room temperature for 15-20mn before eating or even pop the; for 15-30s in the microwave. You won’t really cook them and lose much health benefits.

* The glycemic index indicates how quickly glucose from a food gets into the blood. It is recommended to avoid consuming foods or meals with a high glycemic index.


1. The night before, take the cup out of the freezer, open it and remove the topping pot (and leave on the counter). 2. Add about 175ml of cold liquid of your choice. We recommend plant milks (unsweetened) but water works fine. If you don't have a scale, you can also use the fill line on the side of the pot. 3. Stir well. This is key for uniform “soaking” and thawing. 4. Put the lid back on and let sit in the fridge - not freezer - overnight, or at least 6 hours. 5. In the morning, give it another good stir. If too thick, add a bit more liquid. Add the toppings and enjoy! Check out our how-to video: As each up now serve 2 full breakfasts (325 kcal each), you can either; • Keep half: eat half on the first morning and the other half on the following day or even the day after. Once prepared, you can keep your oat bowl up to 2 days in the fridge (sealed). However, remember you should not freeze them again. • Share it: divide the porridge 2 portions and add half of the toppings in each

If you forget to prepare them the night before, don't panic, you can still prepare them in the morning, You won’t get the best results but it works very well.


Kettle: 1. Take the cup out of the freezer, open it and remove the toppings pot 2. Pour in about 175ml of boiling water or milk (or up to the fill line) and stir well 3. Put the lid back on and let stand 2-3 minutes. 4. Stir again, add the toppings and enjoy! If the fruit has not completely thawed, heat 15-20 s in the microwave Microwave: 1. Take the cup out of the freezer, open it and remove the toppings pot. 2. Cover with 175ml of milk or water (up to the fill line) and stir well 3. Put the lid back on and heat 30 to 60s in the microwave, until the fruit is just thawed and the porridge is a little hot. 4. Stir again, add the toppings and enjoy!

Which liquid base to use?

Ultimately this is the only real question left!

For the creamiest preparation, we recommend to use milk, either regular or plant-based (if you want to keep it vegan).

We recommend almond or coconut milk (unsweetened) as they won’t add much more calories but feel free to try cashew or soy milk for a protein boost or oat milk for extra fibre. If you want to know more about plant milk alternatives, : read our blog post

If you're running out of milk, you can just use plain water.

How many servings are there per pot?

Each pot serves 2 full breakfasts .

Each serving (½ cup) packs 325Kcal on average (excluding milk) with 9-13 g plant protein and 8-12g dietary fibre..  

We recommend preparing the whole pot at once. Once prepared:

• If you have someone to share it with then just split in 2 equal (or not) portions

• If you don’t, just eat half straight away and put the rest back in the fridge (lid on). You can then get the other half on the next morning or even the morning after. Top tip: only use half of the toppings on the first day so they’re still crunchy on the next one.

Remember you should not freeze them again.

What are the nutritional values ​​

Here is a summary of nutritional values, allergens and key benefits of each oat bowl. Each recipe has its own

  • The lightest and lowest in sugar: BEAUTYFUEL
  • The highest in protein and omega-3: NUTTY BOY
  • The highest in fiber: PURPLE GRAINS
  • The more “indulgent’: BOHEMIAN RASPBERRY

What are the benefits of our bowls?

The list is long but here are the main ones:

✔️ High in fiber , in particular the prebiotic type which will nourish your gut bacteria and improve the absorption of certain minerals (calcium, magnesium) while increasing the resistance of the digestive system to attacks. ✔️ Rich in plant protein; nuts, seeds, oats.. ✔️ No added sugars and Low glycaemic index (especially if prepared overnight) ✔️ Rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, especially ALA which are essential because they must come from your diet. ✔️ 50g of whole grains, with a high concentration of beta-glucans which are excellent for cardiovascular health and lower cholesterol. ✔️ Plant-based ✔️ Gluten-free (our oats are certified gluten-free) ✔️ 100% natural, without additives or preservatives


Now you know almost everything about our all-in-one oat bowls. But if you still have questions, write to hello@blendmyday.co.uk or send us a DM on instagram @blendmyday_uk