Blend my day - Nov 03 2020


Our customers often ask us which blender is best to prepare our tasty smoothies.
In recent years, the amount of blenders on the market has grown considerably
and it is not always easy to find your way around.

  While developing our range of frozen superfood smoothies, 
we tested over 300 recipes and have become blender experts along the way!
Follow the guide below, we have made a great selection just for you. 

First, let’s look at the 5 essential criteria to take into account when choosing your blender.

Power : aim for at least 800W in order to blend frozen fruits, vegs, nuts, dates etc.  

Blades : favour models with 4 or 6 blades with different angle orientations (up /down) and of different types (ridged, rounded etc).

Capacity 700ml or more (our blended smoothies are 500ml).

Type of blender
either “classic” with a large bowl (= several portions per blend) or “compact” with a jar you can take on the go (= 1 portion per blend).

Noise level :
 think of your neighbours and the kids who are still sleeping!

 If you want to become a true “blender master”, don't skimp on quality.
 Choose reputable brands and sturdy products (weight is usually a good indicator).

 You will also have to take into account other criteria such as your budget, size, design, accessories, warranty or other functions (eg: heating for soups).


                                                  Affordable and Efficient:
                                           VonShef UltraBlend 1000 W (£60)

Probably one of the best price-power ratios around!

Wattage: 1000W
Speed: 25,000 RPM
Blades: 5 blades including 1 low
Capacity: 2 jars 800/500ml
Weight: 4 Kg.

The Hollywood Star:
Nutribullet 900 Series 900W (£80) .

Nutribullet is a cult brand in the US, with nearly 40 million users. Their blenders are a staple for many homes across the world!

Wattage: 1000W
Speed: 25,000 RPM
Blades: 5 blades including 1 low
Capacity: 2 jars 800/500 ml
Weight: 3.9 Kg

Le Made in France:
Magimix Le Blender 1200 W (£179) .

Did you know that this French brand invented the food processor?

This sleek design blender remains extremely popular on the market.

Wattage: 1000W
Speed: 22,000 RPM
Blades: 4 blades
Capacity: 1.8L bowl + 400 and 700 ml cups (option)
Weight: 4.8 kg.

The Rolls of Blenders :
Vitamix Explorian 1380W (£349) .

This is the Rolls Royce of blenders. It is certainly expensive, but it will last a long time and can do much more than smoothies.

Power: 1380W
Speed: 30,000 RPM
Capacity: 1.4L bowl
Weight 4.76 kg
5 year warranty.

Our selection is completely independent and focuses on the use of blenders for smoothies. For example, if you intend to use your blender for soups or other hot preparations, you will need a heating blender and the above recommendations may not be suitable.

Please feel free to give us your opinion on the blenders we have selected here or to tell us about your favourite blender!

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