Our manifesto


We believe that what we put in our body is what we get out of it.
Our mission is to help you nourish your body as healthily as possible for optimal health and vitality..


We believe that nature already offers us what we need. Why transform it?
Our blends contain natural, wholefood and minimally processed ingredients to allow you to benefit from all their powers.
You see what you blend and you blend what you see.


We believe that no one should have to choose between health and taste.
Many so called "healthy snacks" don't taste great but that should be ok because they are good for you. Not with us: we relentlessly tested hundreds of recipes and test them with our consumers until we strike the prefect balance of taste and texture.


We are obsessed with "nutritional density" which is the amount of vitamins and minerals you get from 100g (or 100 kcal) of a specific food. Counting calories is useless if we do not take into account their quality. Each of our ingredients has been carefully chosen for its nutritional value. And to make sure they retain all the nutrients, we freeze them as soon as they are harvested.


We don't believe in diets that eliminate one type of macronutrient (carbs, fat, salt, etc.) or a whole food group. All our recipes are developed with top nutritionists to be perfectly balanced in protein, fibre, carbs and healthy fats, in short everything your body needs.
In addition, we believe that eating a variety of foods (colors, food groups, etc.) is essential for maintaining vitality and optimal health. However, our busy lifestyle and our habits often lead us to eat a reduced number of foods. We want to offer you this diversity on a plate. Each of our recipes contain between 8 and 12 ingredients among more than 80 that you do not have the opportunity to consume often.